Facilitating tourists with PhonePe QR


The number of people paying through PhonePay QR while taking a boat ride in Phewatal in the tourist city of Pokhara has started to increase. With the introduction of PhonePay QR in Phewatal ferry business, which was previously carrying out cash transactions, the attraction of Phewatal has increased among tourists visiting Phewatal.

A few days ago, the service that can be paid through PhonePay was launched in collaboration with PhonePay and Phewatal Dunga Business Association. The QR payment service was launched at Barahighat during a program in the presence of Guru Prasad Paudel, CEO of Rashtra Bank and Divas Sapkota, CEO of PhonePe.

In the same event, a boating competition was organized to provide entertainment, while the brand ambassador of Phonepe, Sandeep Chhetri, provided entertainment.

Phonepay is currently running various offers aimed at the festival. Likewise, merchants who take payment through QR can also win an attractive Samsung mobile phone every day. This scheme of merchants will be operated till 12th October.

Payment can be made easily through QR from any bank and financial institution connected to the PhonePay network and mobile apps of various payment service providers. In the same way, money can be sent to the bank account of any bank by keeping the mobile number through PhonePay Direct, and various types of services can be paid for.

60 banks and financial institutions and payment system operators are affiliated to the PhonePay network. Similarly, there are about 1 million merchants on PhonePay so far. Phonepay has been serving more than 15 million mobile banking users and payment system service providers through mobile apps.

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