Foreign employment disrupts couple’s sex life


Foreign employment disrupts couple’s sex life

The incidence of internal problems in the homes and families of those who go for foreign employment for their livelihood has been increasing lately. Whether it is a suspicion on the wife who is at home while she is abroad or the wives who have gone for foreign employment have tied the knot with another, the incidents have come up in the media a lot.

Psychologists say that the number of people coming for psychological counseling has increased due to such problems. What are the sexual psychological aspects associated with such incidents?

What are the problems of those who have gone for foreign employment due to sexual psychology?

There are many examples of couples who have gone for foreign employment becoming victims of sexual psychology in recent times. Many of them have come to us for psychology. Which represents our current society. At the same time, it confirms how chaotic our society is due to sexual psychology. Here are some examples of this.

Some time ago, a boy who had gone abroad wanted to take a test on his wife’s character when he went for foreign employment. He started a Facebook account in his wife’s name. Requests from wife’s friends started coming. Gradually the boyfriends joined. He continued to talk like a wife. An intimate thing was happening. In the end, he came to the conclusion that his wife was not doing well in Nepal.

Then he started putting unnecessary pressure on his wife. The wife does not know anything here. She began to feel overwhelmed. Later, she developed a mental illness. There are many reasons why women and men living abroad may have mental problems.

Has there been any study on the problems caused by sexual psychology between couples who have gone for foreign employment?

There has been no systematic study on this. But if we look at the number of patients coming for psychotherapy and the reason for their psychological problems, it is found that such problems are due to sexual psychology among couples who have gone for foreign employment. Many of those who come for psychological counseling say that the problem is caused by unnecessary suspicion.

This is the reason why there is division in the family and this is the reason why the incidents up to murder have become public. Therefore, even though there is no systematic study, it has been found that sexual psychology is the main reason for some anti-social activities.

Along with foreign employment, family separation is also increasing. What is the role of sexual psychology in this?

Sex is one of the most important things that can make a man and a woman emotionally attached. But when it comes to sexual problems, it can lead to family breakups. Which is seen a lot in those who go for foreign employment.

Sex is a biological necessity. Husbands and wives who have reached puberty in them try to fulfill that need when they are away. It is only natural to have problems when such relationships between newly married husbands and wives are not regular.

Policy also says that even if the husband and wife are away from the government job, they should be kept together even if they are on leave. But those who go for foreign employment tend to get married and leave home in the same month, which also causes problems. Therefore, the couple’s relationship deteriorates and breaks up, in which sexual-psychology plays a big role.

How to find a psychological solution to such problems?

Alternative sexual solutions should be considered to solve such problems. Nowadays, when husbands are away, the practice of giving away alternative sex toys such as sex toys is also seen abroad. Even if you have to go abroad, it is appropriate to go before marriage and seek some knowledge here after marriage. But even those who have gone abroad can find solutions such as not having doubts between husband and wife, setting aside proper time for intimate conversation.

Husband goes abroad, wife goes here with others to fulfill his bodily desires and when the husband finds out that he has returned from abroad, there are stories of murder. This problem is also the result of a narrow understanding of sex. So if sex is the subject of open debate, such problems do not arise.

After the husband goes abroad, the wife who is living at home and taking care of the children may also have sexual desire, what is the risk of psychological problems in them?

Even after the birth of a sex child, people need it just as much. It is mentioned in psychology that the next stage of sexual desire increases in people between the ages of 28 and 35. It is believed that sexual desire increases in women at the age of menopause. This time is also the last stage to indicate if you want to have a baby, it naturally increases a lot of sexual arousal during this time.

In this case, people seek a lot of love. All of this is due to sexual attraction. Sex is the basis of intimacy between people. Otherwise, they are shocked to see each other. Therefore, even after the birth of the child is more likely to suffer from psychological problems.

How many such problems occur in living in Nepal?

Such a problem is also seen in those living in Nepal. Another thing is that some people do not give love and regular physical contact, even if it causes problems.

A patient who came for psychological counseling said that they had not had sexual intercourse for five years and that they had caused quarrels in the family by suspecting each other.

Therefore, sexual psychology should not be viewed only with foreign employment. But there is a need to find a solution as there are many such problems in going for foreign employment.

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