Global IME Bank has launched a nationwide campaign on digital banking


Global IME Bank Limited has launched a nationwide financial literacy campaign for the expansion and promotion of digital banking services.

The bank launched this campaign by completing a program in the presence of around 250 participants at Banepa’s bridge market on Saturday.

With the aim of bringing digital financial awareness and access to the local level, the bank has mobilized its 286 branch offices, central and regional offices in 76 districts to benefit customers and local residents.

The bank said that since digital banking is indispensable in today’s times and mainstream financial means are being replaced by digital means, it is necessary to inform the general public about the use of digital banking and its benefits.

Locals thanked the bank for organizing such a social event. On behalf of the bank, Shanta Sivakoti, Head of Market and Business Promotion, Anamika Singh, Head of Operations, Dhoj Saud, Bagmati Province Head, Pravesh Pandey, Bagmati Province Deputy Head, Manindraraj Joshi, Digital Banking Manager, Prakash Paudel, Transaction Banking Head, Card Operations Manager Rupesh Sharma, Banepa Branch Manager Ekraj Bertaula, Panauti branch manager Rajagopal Shrestha and other officials of the bank and local residents of Banepa were present.

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