Google Launched New Bug Bounty Program on it’s 10th Celebration


Google’s own Bug Bounty program has completed 10 years. The company says that the program, which started a decade ago, has been a great success. Meanwhile, to mark the 10th anniversary of the Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP), Google has announced a new Bug Bounty platform.

So far, a total of 11,055 bugs have been found to lead the program, and a total of 2,022 researchers have been rewarded. The program has distributed a total of 30 million prize in prize money to researchers. That’s an average of 15 thousand per researcher.

Last year alone, the company paid 6.7 million to independent researchers to find problems with its products and features. It is now in its second decade and Google’s Vulnerability Rewards program shares some details about its achievements, as well as giving the entire platform a new direction.

To attract new supporters, Google is relaunching VRP with a new website that integrates all five of its targeted services (Android, Abuse, Chrome, Play, Google and more) into a single platform. John Keller, technical program manager for Google’s VRP, said in honor of the event that they had unveiled a new platform, you can check in

Keller said. “This new site brings together all of our VRPs (Google, Android, Abuse, Chrome and Play) and provides a single index form that makes it easier for bug hunters to report the problems”. According to Keller, the platform has gamification features and offers more opportunities for interaction or competition in an easier way. There will be opportunities to receive prizes or interest for leaderboards and special bugs for each country.

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