Google will enable two-step verification on 150 million accounts this year


Google aims to enable two-step verification on 150 million accounts by 2021. Google launched 2SV, or two-step verification, for account security earlier this year.

The most trusted company believes in preventing illegal access to two-step verification accounts and networks.

The company says that 2 million YouTube creators, other than those with a Google account, must enable 2SV.

In addition, Google is going to bring a feature where the saved passwords can be seen in the Google App menu.

In a recent blog post, Google said it would make 2SV mandatory for everyone within this year. This means users will now be able to open a Google Account by going through one of the steps from phone, email or security key.

“We’re currently updating Google Accounts with the backup mechanism needed to make 2SVs more reliable,” Google wrote in a blog post.

It is understood that the company has also partnered with other organizations to provide 10,000 security keys for high-risk users.

In addition, the company is working on other solutions to eliminate the need to rely on passwords in the future.

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