Google will provide ‘security keys’ to high profile people at high risk


Google is offering free physical USB security keys to 10,000 users at high risk of being hacked. It includes politicians and human rights activists.

The USB key will provide two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security outside the password.

According to the BBC, Google wants to encourage people to join the “Advanced Security Program” for high-profile users.

The issue comes after the firm sent thousands of emails warning Gmail users were targeted by hackers.

Shane Huntley, director of Google’s threat analysis group, said in a statement that the warning was issued in late September after Google discovered it was targeting 14,000 Gmail users.

According to Hunt, the operation came from APT28, a hacking group linked to Russia, and involved a phishing attempt. Which is an email campaign designed to look like an official email to get their passwords out.

APT 28 is also known as Fancy Beer, which according to the US and British governments is associated with the Russian military.

The group attempted to hack high-profile individuals.

In 2016, Dell SecureWorks revealed the scale and scope of the group’s phishing campaign, which included nearly 4,000 Gmail accounts and corporate and organizational email accounts that used Gmail as a service.

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