Google’s big phishing and malware campaign


Tech giant Google says it has blocked 1.6 million phishing emails since last May. Such emails are said to be part of a malware campaign aimed at promoting cryptocurrency-related content by accessing YouTube accounts.

According to Google’s threat analysis group TAG, since the end of 2019, the company has thwarted several campaigns by Russian hackers targeting YouTubers to send customized phishing emails and cookie-stealing malware.

The group’s main purpose was to hijack a YouTube account and stream live promotional material on cryptocurrency. In addition, the group’s other source of income was to sell hijacked YouTube channels for between ३ 3 and ४ 4,000.

As of May this year, Google had blocked 1.6 million such targeted messages and emails, 62,000 safe browsing phishing alerts and returned more than 4,000 hijacked YouTube accounts.

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