Governor’s ‘Leadership’ in Digital Payments, Six Years of Progress Details


With the increase in the corona virus infection in the country, there has been an increase in electronic transactions.

With the start of the corona infection, Nepal Rastra Bank Governor Mahaprasad Adhikari is working with digital payments as a priority.

Everyone has appreciated the effort shown in using the QR code by walking around the vegetable and tea shops.

After Governor Adhikari himself went to increase the use of QR code, commercial banks and mobile wallets are also aggressively taking action.

An international prepaid dollar card has been introduced at the initiative of Governor Adhikari. Banks and financial institutions have openly appreciated the Governor’s efforts in facilitating digital payments.

In this context, Rashtra Bank has entered its 66th year after completing 65 years of its establishment. On this occasion, Rashtra Bank Governor Mahaprasad Adhikari has released the progress report of one year with Corona infection.

He has published details about the work done in information and communication technology and digital payments.

Governor Adhikari said that during this period, Nepal QR Standardization Framework and Guidelines have been issued to organize the payment through Quick Response (QR) code in electronic payments.

Electronic payment transactions are gradually increasing due to the incentives given by the National Bank for electronic payment transactions and the increasing practice of using electronic payment devices by the general public.

Real time gross settlement system has been officially used during this period. A total of 37 banks and financial institutions have started operations.

At present, 10 organizations have received the Payment System Operation (PSO) license and 28 organizations have received the Payment Service Provider (PSP) license.

Annual Oversight Report for the financial year 2076, 77 has been published in accordance with the provisions of the ‘Payment and Expenditure Regulations, 2077’. In addition, information regarding the development of the payment system has been started to be published on the bank’s website every month.

Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL) has advanced the work of the National Payment Switch, which is necessary to maintain records of all types of electronic transactions within Nepal, to further facilitate the payment system, to maintain interoperability by organizing the payment and payment system, and to reduce the cost of payment services.

He also informed that the National Bhaktani Board has been established in accordance with the Payment and Expenditure Act, 2075 and the work assigned by the Act has been resumed.

According to the National Bank, strategic arrangements are being made by this bank to realize the Digital Nepal program envisioned by the Digital Nepal Framework for socio-economic development.
During this period, Nepal Rastra Bank has issued Information and Communication Policy-2077.

The work of updating the bank’s website has been completed. The work of updating the bank’s website has been completed.
Under the third strategic plan of the bank 2017-2021, a new website with a content management system has been launched to establish, upgrade and strengthen the information technology system, structure and infrastructure of the bank.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system has been installed and implemented to strengthen the bank’s information technology security system. To exchange information easily, safely and effectively, a new email system – Microsoft Exchange – has been put into operation.

A wave application has been prepared and put into operation to communicate the information of bank customers included in the blacklist.

For the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, during the period of closure, the regular operations of the bank can be conducted smoothly even from the homes of the employees, including VPN and other technical arrangements have been made.

The necessary technical infrastructure has been prepared and implemented to conduct the national and international discussions, seminars and training programs in the bank through online means.

The wave base application related to account suspension and release in banks and financial institutions has been prepared and put into operation.

Arrangements have been made to electronically record important documents and information of the Information Technology Division.

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