Hello Pay service has been added to Telecom’s app, what else has been added?


The app of Nepal Telecom has been updated to use the features that are useful for the service recipients.

As the service recipients are already using various facilities through Nepal Telecom app, now the required portal for FTTH service has been added and recharge can also be done through ‘Namaste Pay’.

Similarly, to update your KYC, there are features that can be used in offline mode. Through this, various services can be recharged.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) users will be able to restart FTTH’s CPE through the app, change the SSID of WiFi, get information about data consumption and savings and pay the tariff. Hello Pay service is included in the app for the first time.

Personal information in Nepal Telecom app can be updated through updated user KYC. Similarly, dealers can also login to Empos.

Nepal Telecom has been modifying its mobile app ‘Nepal Telecom’ from time to time and adding new features for the service users.

Through the app, one can get information about the services of Nepal Telecom including GSM, CDMA, PSTN, ADSL, FTTH and various other facilities.

Similarly, one can easily purchase various packages provided by Nepal Telecom and get information about the status of the package.

In addition, you can view the balance, transfer the balance, recharge various services and send various packages to relatives or friends as a gift.

Similarly, you can use different types of value added services, if there is any problem in various services of Nepal Telecom, you can pick up complaints and pay bills for different services.

The company’s social media including Facebook can also be used from here. You can also get information about the tariff rates of all the services being provided by the company through this app.

From this app you can get the required services by dialing emergency numbers like 100, 101, 102 and also by inquiring about various services of the company by dialing 197, 1498 etc.

To use the features provided by this app, you must first download the ‘Nepal Telecom’ app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The app can be run after registering through Nepal Telecom’s mobile number. The company is providing the facility of using 500 MB of data for free when downloading the app for the first time.

By logging in to this app, you can get information about the balance amount in the mobile and if you have purchased the package of Nepal Telecom.

In the recent past, the practice of purchasing different types of packages and consuming the service has been increasing, especially the purchase of such packages has become easier with this app. Currently, the number of service users using Nepal Telecom app is increasing.

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