How are you preparing for a successful career?


How are you preparing for a successful career?

The issue of familism in Bollywood is causing a stir in Nepal as well. Some actors are raising their voices saying that familism is also prevalent in Nepali films.

In Nepal, the number of artists who come to this field as the children of filmmakers is small. Hero Anmol KC, heroine Suhana Thapa, hero Salon Basnet, heroine Keki Adhikari, heroine Nirisha Basnet and others have entered the field as the children of filmmakers.

Some of these artists are achieving success, while others are not happy. Anmol KC, who is working in the eighth film ‘A Mero Hazur 4’, has also been criticized from different angles. But he is one of the most sought after actors in the film industry. He says that the precious film industry is a family and everyone should work together. He also says that the field has always welcomed new talent.

He also mentioned that preparation for the precious long run is the key. When it comes to the eighth film, Anmol’s craze is greedy. But he also needs to be prepared for film acting. Anmol also said that he is preparing for a long race.

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