how to brush your teeth to make them strong and shiny?


Teeth, an important organ associated with physical health. It is also a part of beauty. The rows of matching teeth affect the overall personality. That is why poets and artists continue to praise the beauty of teeth.

Teeth are considered equally important for the digestive system and overall health. Because the process of digesting any food starts from the teeth. Any food is suitable for digestion after it is finely chewed by the teeth. The better it is digested, the easier it is to digest. So the better we digest food, the healthier and stronger our body becomes.

However, we are not so serious about teeth. How to keep teeth clean, how to make them strong, how to keep them attractive? We don’t pay attention to this yet. We don’t even know how to brush our teeth or keep our mouths clean. Teeth are a sensitive part of the human body. Despite paying attention to regular hygiene, various problems are seen in the teeth. But what to pay attention to its security?

Most people brush their teeth after waking up in the morning, how right is this method?

Brushing teeth is also an ideal way. Brushing your teeth more often than usual is beneficial for dental health. The brush should also be soft when brushing.

How many times a day should I brush?

Brush at least twice a day. When it comes to time, you have to brush in the morning and evening. But even this should be done in the evening. We don’t talk to anyone when we sleep at night. Due to which the food eaten at night can sit in the gums and between the teeth. This can lead to tooth decay. So it is mandatory to brush before going to bed at night.

How do you brush your teeth better or cleaner?

There are different ways to brush. When brushing your teeth, you should brush them as far as Giza. Even in Giza, the food should be brushed to remove the stuck food. When brushing your teeth, you should brush your teeth in the same way as you would brush your teeth.

What should a toothbrush look like?

The toothbrush is strong, medium and soft. The cover is written on the cover. Hard is not to be used. Medium and soft brushes should be used.

How often should the brush be replaced?

Generally, the brush should be changed every 3 months. But depending on the method of brushing, you may need to change it soon. Many rubbers have to change quickly. If the brush is hard, it should be changed immediately.

Many people put brushes in the bathroom, is it right to do so?

The brush can be placed anywhere. But it should be kept upright in a sunny place as much as possible.

What kind of toothpaste is right for the brush?

There are two types of toothpaste for brushing. One is powder and the other is paste. As much as possible, do not use powder when brushing your teeth. Many may have wondered if the powder was the same. But the powder affects the enamel. This is beneficial as the paste contains fluoride.

Should I brush my teeth after eating?

Just brushing is not enough. Sometimes interdental brushing can be done. If the brush alone does not kill the germs inside the tooth, it can also be cleaned with an interdental brush or thread.

What is the role of teeth in our health?

The overall health of our body is linked to the health of our teeth. On the one hand, toothache causes fever and other health problems. Besides, we can’t eat healthy food. If you have a toothache, you can’t eat fruit. It can also affect.

Some people have yellow teeth, is there any way to whiten them?

Being dark white is not a natural religion of teeth. Teeth are slightly yellow. But some teeth are very yellow. This may be due to other reasons as well. If your teeth turn yellow even after regular brushing, you should see a doctor.

How to fix crooked teeth? Should surgery be done for it?

Surgery is not the only solution for crooked teeth. It can be straightened with the help of a wire. But there must be a certain age for this too. If it can be fixed in time, surgery is not necessary.

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