In the Chinese city of Lanzhou, with a population of 4 million


In the Chinese city of Lanzhou, with a population of 4 million

A city of 4 million people in China has been shut down. According to international media reports, the capital of Gansu province, Lanzhou, has been shut down since Tuesday. Locals have been told not to go out of the house except in case of emergency.

In China alone, 29 new corona infections were found on Monday. Of these, only six were from Lanzhou. It is mentioned in the news that there was a lockdown in Lanzhou after the rate of domestic infection started increasing.

Officials in Lanzhou said in a statement that the movement of city dwellers would be tightened and people would only be able to go out of the house for shopping or medical treatment.

“Everyone must stay indoors,” the official said in a statement. Thousands of people have already been ordered to stay indoors in northern China.

In China, Corona’s latest transition has been linked to the Delta variant. Authorities have warned that the number of infected people could rise as tests increase.

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