Indian citizen arrested for cheating on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Imo


Fraudsters have been arrested by claiming to send parcels through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and IMO. The Metropolitan Crime Branch has arrested 33-year-old Sandeep Chhetri from Darjeeling, India.

He had been talking to female users of Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and IMO after receiving a friend request in the name of Nancy Michael on Facebook, pretending to be a citizen of the UK.

After that, Chhetri sent parcels of various kinds of gifts saying that they would keep trust and love.

By providing the parcel tracking number along with various documents, the victim was made to believe Rs. According to the division, an Indian citizen was arrested in coordination with Jhapa of Zipr while investigating on the basis of the complaint of the victim of fraud of 5 lakh 10 thousand.

Chhetri Prenti Crostal (Panitanki Siliguri) who is the pastor of the church and who met the women in various religious programs of the church, believed that the money helped by various organizations and individuals related to Christianity would not be transferred to his account. The department said that it has come to light that the payment is being taken.

According to the division, he has been sent to the Metropolitan Police Complex in Kathmandu for necessary action and further investigation is ongoing in this regard.

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