Instagram creators can make their photos and reels pay to be viewed


Instagram creators can put photos and videos on a paywall. This feature requires other users to pay to access the creators’ photos and reels.

This year, Instagram is focusing on the creator subscription program and under this, the company has released the paywall feature. The photos and reels placed on the paywall will have a purple badge with the symbol of the crown.

This feature has been requested by creators for a long time, according to the head of Instagram, Adam Moseri. Instagram has also introduced another subscriber chat option. Due to this, creators can go and chat in group chat with up to 30 subscribers.

This feature was released to attract users from Discord to Instagram. These group chats are powered by Messenger. These group chats will disappear automatically after 24 hours. This feature will allow you to charge up to $100 per month.

This feature will also show a purple badge next to the name of the subscribers. The company has been testing this feature since last January and now users have officially received this feature.

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