Instagram is introducing a mandatory birthday sharing feature for the safety of children


Instagram will require users to share their birthdays to protect teenagers. This update is said to help the app detect the user’s age and protect them from online harassment.

Since 2019, Instagram has started asking new users to enter their birthday when signing up. But since those who have an account before that will not share this information, the app will keep prompting them to enter their birthday in the coming weeks.

Even if you remove that notification at first, later the app will force you to insert that information. The app will ask for date of birth several times and the same prompt will appear when trying to view sensitive content.

Medical procedures and other contents are also required to be watched. The company will use artificial intelligence to check whether a fake birthday has been entered.

If found to be incorrect, the user will be asked to verify their age again. A few days ago, Instagram also introduced a feature to prevent strangers from messaging teenage children.

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