Installment of vehicle now from pocket, chance to win 5000 rupees while paying installments


The customer who buys a vehicle can now pay online as the payment of Atalain is also going digital. In this way, three lucky customers who pay installments out of pocket will win Rs. 5,000 cash each.

Customers will be able to participate in this Khalti EMI savings campaign by making installment payments through Khalti for the purchase of Honda vehicles from Syakar Company, Bajaj from Hulas Investments and Yamaha from MW Investments.

This feature of the pocket has made it very easy for the customers to buy vehicles and also get the opportunity to win cash.

The customer who wants to participate in this scheme must have verified the customer identity (KYC) on mobile. This scheme will be applicable from May 2 to June 1, 2021.

To pay the vehicle loan installment from the pocket, you have to click on the EMI on the home screen of the pocket and you can select the vehicle loan provider company there and pay easily.

The customer can pay the installment of the vehicle directly from the pocket wallet or the pocket linked bank account.

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