ISEWA’s ‘Educated Youth, Rich Future Plan’, more than 500 students will get scholarships


Isewa, Nepal’s leading payment service provider, has launched the ‘Educated Youth, Enriched Future’ scheme targeting students who have passed SEE. Under this scheme, more than 500 students will get scholarships for higher education.

This scheme will be operated till the 15th of Bhadra. The scholarship can be received by the student in the admission fee and monthly fee according to the college chosen by the student.

Students will get scholarships in Xavier International, Premier College, Vidya Shankar, Triton College and Texas International College, Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir and Lord Buddha Secondary School in Biratnagar. Only those who apply through Iseva will get the scholarship opportunity.

Students can apply for the scholarship by visiting the Iseva Scholarship option through the Iseva mobile app and Wave. Students will have to pay Rs 30 for the scholarship.

This amount will be topped up on the student’s ISEWA ID number after this plan is over. Students who are included in the scholarship must submit their SEE pass documents to claim the scholarship.

Currently, the number of people who have directly opened an account in Iseva, which provides services that can be paid through mobile and internet, is around 45 lakh.

In the same way, about 16 million people are receiving services indirectly through ISEWA. Currently, there are about 130,000 Iseva agents (Iseva zones and points) all over the country. At present, the number of merchants in Iseva has exceeded three lakh.

In addition to payment of insurance premiums, payment of share transactions, payment of mobile phone, telephone, internet, electricity and water charges, recharge, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fees can be paid from Iseva.

There are currently 50 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva. You can easily deposit money from these banks to Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account.

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