JLPT application form fee payable out of pocket


Khalti, in collaboration with Zaltan, has introduced the facility of easy payment of Japanese language proficiency test application form fees from Khalti. After this, payment of the exam form can be done only from the pocket.

In the past years, as there was no other option to pay the examination fee, the examinees had to go to the Jaltan office Bhrikutimandap and sit in line for hours to pay the fee. Considering this problem, Khalti has arranged an online payment system.

For this, an agreement has been signed between Jaltan Chairman Purna Kazi Prajapati and Khalti Wallet Manager Jonam Bhurtel.

The application form of JLPT can be paid instantly from its official website online by choosing Khalti as the payment option. Application Form Fee Rs. 3000 is there.

As the number of application forms is limited, the online application form registration process will be automatically closed before the scheduled time after the number of seats are exhausted.

The date of filling the form is from Bhadra 22nd to Asoj 2nd. 1000 people who pass the examination and are selected will be allowed to go to Japan for employment.

Jonam Bhurtel, manager of Khalti Wallet, said that he is very happy to cooperate with Japanese Language Teachers Organization Nepal (Zaltan) to provide easy online payment service of Khalti as the only means of payment to all Japanese language examinees.

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