Why to Keep the VAT bill and box of the purchased mobile safe?


Today’s mobile market is much better than yesterday. Compared to other businesses, the mobile market has suffered a lot and in the past, only a limited number of brands were popular in Nepal, but many brands have come.

There are more Chinese brand mobiles in the market than before. Earlier, the Samsung mobile brand dominated Nepal’s mobile market, but now Chinese brands such as Oppo, Huawei, MI and Gionee are in high demand. These phones are selling well in the market due to low costing and good features like more RAM, internal storage, selfie expert etc.

Now consumers choose mobiles with good selfie camera, RAM and internal storage. Now the RAM is only up to 6 GB and the main feature that consumers are looking for in the phone is how many GB of RAM or internal storage and how many megapixels the camera has. Consumers will see if updates are available on any phone. The most in demand phones now are midrange phones.

Mobile Club has most of the mobile brands entering Nepal. Among them, the top brands like Oppo, Huawei, MI, Gionee and the now very popular One Plus brand phones are available in the mobile club. We also have the facility of mobile exchange offer. Users can easily exchange in the mobile club after using the phone for 2 and 3 months. We have been providing this offer for about 6 and 7 years and many consumers come for this offer.

There are also complaints that customers are cheated.

First of all, my request to the general consumers is to keep the VAT bill and box of the mobile they have bought safe which will get good value when exchanging. The number of phones stolen from India entering Nepal has increased and these phones are being sold openly in online and general stores. Like these new ones online, without boxes, without bills and selling these phones at very cheap prices, it is becoming difficult to compete in the market. Such phones are difficult to exchange.
Speaking of complaints, there is no such problem in the mobile club till now. Most of the customers who come to Mobile Club are our regular customers. There are many customers who exchange phones bought from mobile clubs.

What do business people need to pay attention to in order to survive in Nepal’s mobile market?

From the outside, the mobile business has a lot of advantages but there is a lot of competition in the mobile market. Currently, only 1 and 2 percent have to work in this business. Similarly, companies have a lot of competition in Nepal and brands have a lot of competition. In such a case, it is very difficult to say which brand or company will survive or not. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. And companies that sell illegally should be stopped and the media needs a lot of support to remove it.

*So Customers themselves are unaware of this and may have problems later. I would like to say to the general consumers, after buying a new phone, take the VAT bill and the box and make it mandatory and save it for tomorrow.

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