Khalti’s ‘Khalti Lekh Star’ scheme, 50 thousand prizes to the winner


Khalti Digital Wallet has introduced a new scheme called ‘Khalti Lekh-Star’. Under this, 3 persons paid Rs. 50 thousand, 25 thousand and 15 thousand will be able to win.

To become a ‘pocket article-star’, anyone who composes and posts various articles in Nepali language in a way that reveals the meaning of the word ‘pocket’ (wallet and pocket) will have to send it to ‘pocket’.

Interested persons should present their art on social media through puns, punchline, tongue twister, poem, proverb piece, tag lines, rap etc. and share it on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Tiktak with #KhaltiLekhstar.

After posting, you will be able to participate in this contest by sending the link of your post along with all the details in the form provided by Khalti. This competition will be implemented till next Baishakh 14.

Under this scheme, the first place winner will get Rs 50,000, second place winner will get Rs 25,000 and third place winner will get Rs 15,000. Similarly, Rs. 5,000 will be given to 5 persons as consolation prize.

In addition, the three winners will have the opportunity to appear in the video of the pocket. Commenting on the offer, Vinay Khadka, Chief Executive Officer of Khalti, said that the scheme was aimed at encouraging various writing talents through ‘Khalti Lekh-Star’.

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