Let’s use social media for social change: Basnet


Press Council Nepal President Balkrishna Basnet has urged to use social media judiciously. Addressing the Journalism Code of Conduct Awakening Program held in Beni today in conjunction with Nepal Journalist Federation Myagdi Branch, he opined that social media should be used as a tool for social change.

“The press council monitors the registered journalism, radio, television and online social networks,” he said, “the facilities obtained with the development of technology should not only be used to earn money, but also to be used as a means of positive improvement in society.”

The representative of the local media participating in the program complained that the newspapers operating in the last period had to be deprived of public welfare advertisements given by the state because they did not win the classification.

Durga Bhandari, a member of the council, said that a nationwide awareness campaign was conducted to reduce the challenges of following the journalistic code of conduct, which has been added with the development of new media and technology.

Gita Kathayat, the monitor of the council, facilitated about the state of media and journalist’s code of conduct of the province, Ghanshyam Khadka, the founder president of Journalist Mahasangh Myagdi, Myagdi and veteran journalist Punya Paudel.

Chief District Officer Chiranjeevi Rana suggested using the right to information to make journalism factual and credible. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shyam Kumar Rai said that news should be careful not to make the investigation fail and affect the court proceedings.

District Post Officer Sadhanakumari Shrestha informed that the payment for publication of public welfare advertisement has been started from the district.

Bel Bahadur Katuwal, President of Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Deepak Poudel, President of Non-Governmental Organization Federation, said that journalists in the district are sensitive about the code of conduct. Santosh Gautam, secretary of Mahasangh Myagdi Branch, informed that 40 media persons participated in the event. Rasas

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