Major problems of IT companies

Major problems of IT companies

This would be an attractive opportunity for an IT company. After evaluating the preamble submitted by the startup, the government should be obliged to fund it. This would increase the platform for working on Innovative Ideas. There is no question of giving loan to any company depending on Hachuwa. For this, if the policy is sent to the ‘A’ class banks and the program is brought in such a way that it is regulated by the National Bank, there will be fifty thousand more jobs in the country. 

Lack of focus on institutional development In Nepal, neither IT companies nor engineers and other manpower have definite facts. Exactly how much manpower is being produced from IT colleges, no one has official data. There is such a chaotic situation. If we wanted to create a central database system by collecting all the data, we would have a blueprint of what our place is, what our possibilities are. We could prove that we can work on international projects. At present, foreign companies are taking money in the name of saying that Nepalis cannot do big projects.

The chaotic market could be at least managed, even if it was difficult for us to say exactly the value of IT services. The price range could be determined based on the mileage, requirements, features, etc. of the project. Prices vary by 10 to 20 percent. 50,000 instead of Rs. 500,000. But instead of 5 lakhs, it is not 2.5 lakhs or 5 thousand. But now this is happening in Nepal. The market is chaotic. There are also 5,000 people working here. There are also 2.5 million workers. Now let’s have a national debate. Let’s keep the value of dynamic website, e-commerce, news portal, server, support, security. And we worked hard. There is no bargaining. Everyone could provide the same quality of service.

Not being a priority of national projects, Nepali companies have been entrusted to foreign companies with the intention of not being able to carry out large ERP projects. The state and some big businessmen are the ones who can send billions of rupees abroad in the name of having weak ground and weak engineers, but also encouraging, not believing or making credible Nepali companies. We need to make a list of what kind of performance a company can give, what kind of potential we have, what kind of skills we can work in, and create an atmosphere of soanukluk. There is a situation where we don’t even think of giving an opportunity to a Nepali company.

Lack of cooperation is a deep thing. Rather than dividing the CAN Federation, WAN, and various associations into groups, let us work together. We all work institutionally for the business interests of the IT sector. But those who raise their voice for the IT sector are not able to unite. On the other hand, there is unhealthy competition among companies. The time has come to pay attention to this.

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