Microsoft to provide one-year Azure credit for open source projects


Microsoft has announced a program that will provide Azure Credit for open source projects for one year. Company officials said on Sept. 28 that the Open Source Initiative (OSI) can be applied to any project in any technology with an approved license.

Developers will be able to use these credits for testing, storage or other development purposes. They will be able to re-apply in later years to continue getting more credit.

In response to a one-page frequently asked question about the program, the way the authorities argued for the grant of credit was as follows: “We are giving back to the open source ecosystem in which we participate and depend.”

Microsoft officials said that in 2018, more than half of Azure’s VM workloads are running on Linux. Since then there have been no updated statistics on this. But the company continues to release many of its products and services under open source licenses and continues to try to attract open source developers in various ways.

Officials said they have already expanded these credit grants to some high-profile as well as some small open-source projects, including FreeBSD, Alma Linux, Haskell, Snakemate Workflow Management and Promoter.

If you are also interested in it, you can apply for a free credit from microsoft azure by clicking here

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