Microsoft’s laptop, three tablets and the new folding phone are public, these are the features

Microsoft's laptop, three tablets and the new folding phone are public, these are the features
Microsoft's laptop, three tablets and the new folding phone are public, these are the features

Microsoft on Wednesday announced five new Surface products, including a laptop, three tablets and a new folding phone. Microsoft doesn’t make much money from hardware. In the second quarter, only 4 percent of the company’s revenue came from equipment.

Gartner estimates that the global PC market is led by Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple.

While these enhancements can help maintain revenue growth from the surface. It is more likely that they will promote the upcoming Windows 11 operating system and Office productivity apps, both of which are a more meaningful part of Microsoft’s business, and inspire the work of fellow device makers.

Windows 11 will come out on October 5, and the new PC and phone will launch at the same time as announced by Microsoft. Pre-orders have started in some markets on Wednesday. This means that the devices are coming in phases but all these will come during the holidays.

The company has brought the Surface Duo 2 smartphone based on Android to the event. This has been greatly improved. This device works on both tablets and mobile. There is also a screen on the side of this device. Like any normal phone, it can be used for calling. It has a 5.8-inch AMOLED pixel sense display. It has Snapdragon 888 FiveG chipset. Prices start at 1,499.

Apart from this, Surface 8 Pro tablet has been brought. The Surface 8 Pro tablet looks like a Surface Pro X with a 13-inch display, a narrow bezel 120 Hz display. Along with this, the company has also brought Slim Pen 2. The Surface 8 Pro tablet is priced at 1,100, while the Slim Pen 2 will be priced at 130.

The company has announced a two-in-one Surface Pro X Tab Plus laptop. It doesn’t change much. It will only be able to use Wi-Fi, but its price has been reduced by डलर 100 from the previous model to 800.

The Surface Go 3 is a budget tablet. It comes with small display size and configuration. It has Pentium Gold 6500 Y CPU. It starts at 400.

In addition, the company has announced the Surface Laptop Studio. This is the company’s first device in this series. It has a 14-inch display and can be used on any tablet. It uses Intel’s 11th generation H35 processor and Intel’s XE graphics. It is priced at 1,600.

All of these devices can be pre-ordered now and will only be available on October 5.

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