Microsoft’s new Surface Duo 2, which can be turned like a book: both tabs and phones


Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 smartphone will be unveiled in October. Even though Samsung has unveiled a foldable smartphone this month, the features of the Surface Duo 2 foldable phone that Microsoft is bringing are a bit different.

It is expected to be similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone that was unveiled last year and will have the same price tag of 1,399. dual-screen smartphone

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 is a dual-screen smartphone based on the Android operating system. The device works on both tablets and mobiles. There is also a screen on the side of this device. Like any normal phone, it can be used for calling.

You can do two things at the same time on both screens Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is an Android device being developed in partnership with Microsoft and Google. It will have all kinds of Android apps available. But it is not yet clear whether its screen will support third-party apps.

Its most special feature is that any app can be moved from one screen to another by dragging. In addition, different functions can be performed simultaneously on both screens of the phone.

Technical Specification

It comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset that supports FiveG and 8 GB of RAM. It is said that the device with Android 11 operating system will be given a triple camera set off.

It is also estimated to have a USB Type-C port on the right side. It will be available in black and white.

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