Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 tablet will have a 120 Hz display and Thunderbolt port


Microsoft’s September 22nd event could be the biggest Surface Pro update of the year. According to information shared by Twitter user Shadow Leak, the Surface Pro 8 looks like a store listing for the tablet.

According to The Verge, the Windows 11 machine reportedly has a 13-inch, narrow bezel with a 120Hz display and looks like the equivalent of the Surface Pro X, powered by Intel. It can also be more useful for creatives with dual Thunderbolt ports. It may have headroom for an external GPU.

The leaked Surface Pro 8 will make the expected leap to the 11th generation core processor. If the included storage is low then you can replace the SSD like the Surface Laptop 4.

The upcoming event could be one of the most powerful presentations Microsoft has ever had. With the Surface Duo 2, the program will have possible Surface Book, Surface Go and Surface Pro X upgrades. If the leak is correct, then the Surface Pro 8 could be the main attraction. The Pro has become one of Microsoft’s most durable Surface devices, but with relatively few changes it’s one of its most conservative. It still has a USB A port like in 2019. 8 is also expected to revive the Pro series. Agency

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