Money sent from Everest Remit is now easily accessible from your pocket


Money sent from abroad through Everest Remit by Pocket Wallet can be easily received from Pocket. With the launch of this service, now customers can receive remittance service at home.

Similarly, the amount received can be transferred from Khalti to your bank account immediately or sent anywhere in Nepal through Khalti’s remittance service.

In order to send or receive remittances from the pocket, the customer must have his pocket KYC verified. Similarly, new users can also receive or send remittance after KYC verification by downloading their pocket app.

Saurabh Raj Pandey, Head of Remittance Department of Khalti Digital Wallet, said that the service was done in collaboration with Everest Remit with the aim of providing remittance facility to customers at home.

  • To receive money sent from abroad to Everest Remit out of pocket
  • Go to the home page of the Pocket app and tap on Send Money
  • Go to Remittance and click on Receive Money
  • Choosing an Everest Remit
  • Enter the control pin and tap on proceed
  • Confirm all details and tap on OK button

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