Musk Challenges Twitter CEO to Prove Less Than 5% Fake Accounts


Elon Musk has given an open challenge to the CEO of Twitter to publicly prove that there are less than 5% fake accounts. He has called for a public debate.

He said that users also have the right to know this. He challenged CEO Parag Agarwal for this.

Musk broke the contract with Twitter because he could not prove that there are many spam and bot users on Twitter and that the number of those users is less than 20 percent. Even now, if Twitter can prove this, he has also said that he is ready to return to the previous deal.

For this, he has also created a poll on Twitter, which has options like S and LMAO no. At the time of writing this news, 34.4 percent of polls believe that there are less than 5 percent bots on Twitter and 65.6 percent voted that there are more than that. This poll closes on Sunday.

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