Namaste Pay of Telecom was added to the payment system of Nepal Clearing House


An agreement has been signed between Nepal Digital Payment Company (NDPC) and Nepal Clearing House to further expand the field of digital payments.

The agreement was signed by NDPC Chief Executive Officer Krishna Prasad Bhandari and NCHL Chief Executive Officer Nilesh Man Singh Pradhan.

After the agreement, NDPC can use NCHL’s National Payments Interface to transact and remit its various types of payments in real-time and non-real-time through the NCHL IPS and Connect IPS systems within it.

With this, NDPC will take more initiatives to increase banking access by extending its financial services to rural areas through digital means.

NDPC’s mobile wallet Namaste Pay is currently in the initial testing phase. Namaste Pay can be used both online and offline.

NDPC has also recently received payment system operator’s permission from Nepal Rastra Bank to operate Namaste Pay. NDPC is a joint investment of Nepal Telecom and National Commercial Bank.

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