Namrata Shrestha Love talk of humility who went to get the award


Namrata Shrestha Love talk of humility who went to get the award

After working in the movie ‘Classic’, actress Namrata Shrestha won all the awards from this movie. Her humble performance in the film was widely praised. Therefore, it is not a new thing to speculate that she will get the award when she reaches humility in any award ceremony. At the same time, it is customary to give the award to those who reach Nepal.

Artists arrive at the ceremony only after they are sure of receiving the award. After the arrival of Shrestha at the ‘Tenth NEFTA Film Awards’ held on Saturday, many had speculated that she would be receiving the award. Humility also persisted throughout the program.

However, the award for best actress was received by Pradhan from the movie ‘Sainli’. According to sources, Namrata was called by the organizers as ‘getting the Best Actress award’.

However, humility did not win the award. Empress Rajyalakshmi Shah also received the award for ‘Popular Heroine’. Though the story of the movie ‘Prasad’ and the performance of the protagonist Vipin Karki were liked by the audience and critics, the campaign of humility did not get as much praise as the ‘classic’.

However, despite not receiving the award, the love of humility was discussed. Humility and hero Saruk Tamrakar were discussed in love. They came to the event together and returned holding hands.

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