Ncell also allowed payment service providers


Ncell, the leading mobile service provider in the private sector, has also received permission to operate as a payment service provider.

In the economic survey of the financial year 2077/78 released by the government today, it has been mentioned that Ncell has been approved as a payment service provider by establishing a subsidiary company.

“Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited and Ncell Private Limited have been approved to establish subsidiary companies and act as payment service providers,” said the economic survey.

Earlier, the National Bank has allowed Nepal Digital Payment Company Limited, a joint investment of Nepal Telecom and National Commercial Bank, to act as a payment service provider.

Namaste Pay Wallet of Nepal Digital Payment Company Limited is in the final preparations to be put into operation.

Similarly, it has been mentioned in the survey that the National Payment Gateway server has been established to operate the services and transactions flowing from the government and private sector electronically and 5 commercial banks have been connected to that system and currently connected to the API of the Electronic Fund Transfer System of the Comptroller General’s Office.

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