Nemo’s smart glass that can be used to operate a computer using Bluetooth mouse and keyboard


Now the whole world is covered by our laptops and mobiles. Electronic gadgets now cover daily activities ranging from buying groceries for the home to making assignments, seeking medical health advice, and getting information about the home and abroad at home.

Until now we used to have trouble getting in and out with mobiles, laptops, or any other gadgets but now the rapid pace of technological development seems to eliminate that problem as well.

The days are not far away when you can carry your computer and carry it. The new generation of smart glasses will work just like a computer. Now glasses can not only help for clear vision but also can do all the work of a computer.

A new pair of glasses called Nemo, manufactured by Nemo Planet, an Indian-based company, makes it seem impossible to hear for the first time. Using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR One processor, Nemo Glasses has made the glasses a mini-computer.

These glasses connect our daily real world with the virtual world. These glasses are built after four years of development and they project a virtual display in front of your eyes. You can operate it using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

This augmented reality gadget does not have a camera or speakers. This device is designed to be easier to work with than entertainment. According to the company’s website, the shipping version of the glasses will be available weighing 90 grams and these glasses will run the Android operating system.

The main purpose of the device is to create a device that can fit in people’s pockets and give good results. It helps people to work from anywhere. The glasses will be shipped next year and will cost ७ 799.

Another similar gadget is the smart frame. One of the devices available as a smart frame is the Vuix Blade. This device provides remote access to your multimedia content. Smart Glass allows you to work hands-free.

It also has an 8-megapixel camera and built-in stereo speakers. This device allows you to perform various tasks without removing your phone or laptop. Even when wearing it, it feels like wearing ordinary glasses. This helps to navigate the metaverse. Experts say that smart glass can replace our phones.

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