Nepal’s position in cyber security has improved, rising to 15 places


While the issue of cyber security is gaining momentum, Nepal’s position in the world rankings has improved. Nepal has managed to climb to the 15th position in a span of two years.

According to the Global Cyber ​​Security Index 2020 released by the World Telecommunication Union, Nepal has risen to 94th place out of 194 countries.

Earlier, Nepal was ranked 109th in the index released by ITU in 2018.

Nepal has scored 44.99 points out of 100 marks. Out of these, the score was 15.61 in Liger Major, 5.95 in Technical Major, 9.58 in Organizational Major, 9.60 in Capacity Development and 4.26 in Cooperative Major.

The United States ranks number one in the Global Cyber ​​Security Index. The United States, which scored 100 percent, did not answer questions.

In second place are the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, in third place is Estonia, in fourth place are South Korea and Singapore, and in fifth place are Russia, both, and Malaysia.

The last three countries in the index are Micronesia, Vatican and Yemen respectively.

In a study conducted in 194 countries around the world in 2020, 150 questions were asked. In this study, legal, technical, institutional, skill development, supportive methods were studied.
Not all countries that sent questionnaires responded.

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