Not allowed to comment on social media to influence the election (with code of conduct)


It is not allowed to post misleading comments such as insults or insults on social media with the aim of influencing the election.

According to the Election Code of Conduct 2078 published in the Gazette on Thursday, it is not allowed to make misleading remarks such as inciting, insulting, or hate speech on social media for the purpose of influencing the election.

Similarly, it is said that the information or content broadcasted or published for any purpose should not be shared, liked, or commented on social media by breaking it with the intention of influencing the election.

It is mentioned in the code of ethics that one should not hold opinions in favor or against anyone, spread propaganda, produce any electronic material or share published by others in order to influence the election.

Also, no one shall operate or cause false sites and accounts on social media for the purpose of influencing the election. However, this election code of conduct will be applicable from the date specified by the Election Commission.

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