Now 1000 people can participate in group video calls of Telegram


Up to 1,000 people can now participate in Telegram group video calls. Last June, Telegram made further improvements to the public video call feature and made it possible for up to 1,000 people to participate.

In this feature, 30 users can participate with videos and can also share their screen. Similarly, the remaining 970 users will be able to listen and watch as listeners.

When Telegram introduced the video call feature for the first time, it had always planned to increase the number of participants in the group chat. The company has increased the limit of participants as stated.

Telegram has also upgraded the video messaging feature. Now users can watch in high resolution. Users can share screen with sound in one to one video call.

Users can set messages to be automatically deleted in a month instead of a day or a week. Similarly, Telegram has also added a playback feature to the Android app.

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