Now the bank account can be directly linked to the eSeva account


Payment service provider ‘Iseva’ users can link their Iseva accounts directly to their bank accounts.

You can load money into the Iseva account by linking the Iseva account to your desired bank account.

Subhas Sapkota, chief executive officer of Iseva, said that with the aim of making it easier for its users to load funds, the facility to link accounts has been introduced.

Iseva is always looking forward to provide its users with the latest services. Along with the new service, we have launched this service keeping in mind that it should be more convenient for users to load funds,’ he said.

To link the account, the Iseva user’s Iseva account must be verified.

Also, in order to get this service, the mobile banking of the bank that links the account with the Iseva user must be taken, and the mobile number in Iseva and the mobile number in the bank must also be the same.

If the number in Iseva and the mobile number in the bank are not the same, the mobile number in the bank can be kept as a secondary ID in the Iseva account.

In order to link Iseva to your bank account, first you have to go to the Load Money option on Iseva’s homepage.

Here you have to click on the account link and select the bank with which you have an account and put your bank account number and click on process.

Then the mobile banking portal will open. Enter your mobile number and password and click here.

After that, if you keep the OTP password received on the mobile and click on Pay, the bank account will be linked to Iseva.

After linking the bank account, in order to load the amount in the Iseva account, you have to login to the Iseva account, go to the load money option and click on the linked bank account.

After that, the amount to be kept in Iseva and other details can be loaded easily.

Currently, Isewa accounts can be linked to the bank accounts of 20 banks and financial institutions. In the near future, it will be possible to link to the accounts of other member banks.

In addition to payment of insurance premiums, payment of share transactions, payment of mobile phone, telephone, internet, electricity and water charges, recharge, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fees can be paid from Iseva.

There are currently 50 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva. You can easily deposit money from these banks to Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account.

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