Now you can easily upload GIFs from Tiktok library


TikTok users will soon be able to easily upload popular GIFs. Tiktok has announced the Tiktok Library service which will help Tiktok creators to provide more entertaining content.

Creators can search for GIFs, add favorite clips from TV shows, memes, and other content. Even now, creators are converting from GIF to GIFTicket, but with the library, this process will be even easier. Until now, it was possible to use GIF stickers or green screen effects.

Tiktok will allow you to keep GIFs with audio in the library. In the initial phase, the feature will feature reaction clips, quotes, famous faces and iconic moments.

This feature will be tested on some Android users from today. It will be tested on iOS users from next week. After this feature is available, you can see the library icon in the sidebar.

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