Now you can listen to songs on YouTube even after turning off the screen


YouTube is going to provide a feature where you can listen to songs even when the mobile screen is off or while doing other things on the mobile. Previously, if you had to run any other app while listening to YouTube songs, you had to close YouTube. But from now on, YouTube can be used even while doing other work.

It will be tested in Canada in the first phase from November 3. Along with this, you can avoid the problem of not being able to do other things on your mobile while listening to YouTube music.

For all the new features coming to YouTube Music, it was mandatory to get a YouTube Premium subscription, but now it is going to be available for other users as well. Background YouTube Music will support standard add, personalized radio mixes and all content uploaded to your YouTube account.

It is expected that the background YouTube music feature will be available soon for users in countries other than Canada.

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