Now you can send money directly from Qatar to eSeva Wallet


Esewa Money Transfer has entered into a remittance payment agreement with Qatar’s famous remittance company Aldar Exchange. From now on, Nepalis in Qatar will be able to easily send money to any bank account in Nepal associated with Esewa Money Transfer through Aldar Exchange and to Esewa Wallet.

With this agreement, Nepalis in Qatar will be able to send money to Nepal in a simple and reliable way through eSeva money transfer to 21 branches of Aldar Exchange in Qatar. Similarly, the amount sent through Aldar Exchange can be easily paid from the more than eight thousand agent network of eSeva Money Transfer across the country.

In addition, eSeva money transfer service can also be availed from the Aldar Exchange app. While speaking about the agreement, CEO of Eseva Money Transfer, Ajesh Koirala said, ‘This agreement between Eseva Money Transfer and Aldar Exchange has made Nepal remittance payment service from Qatar more convenient and provided an effective way for Nepali workers in Qatar to send money to Nepal.’

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