Now you can send money from pocket to your bank account for free


Khalti Digital Wallet, an online payment service provider company licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, has launched an offer to transfer money from Khalti to a bank account for free, considering the valuable feedback and suggestions of customers.

Under this service, customers can save a bank account from their pocket and withdraw maximum 5 times in every English month or Rs. 5000 and 3 times daily or Rs. 5000 can be transferred free of charge.

Similarly, whoever transfers money from pocket to pocket to any available bank, Rs. Get up to 50% cashback. For example, if the bank transfer fee is Rs. 20 if Rs. 10 cashback can be availed instantly.

Sakar KC, Marketing Officer of Khalti Digital Wallet, said that by giving priority to the advice and suggestions of the customers, the facility of sending money for free has been implemented.

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