online hotel booking, plans to digitize the tourism sector

online hotel booking, plans to digitize the tourism sector
Founder: Uttav Adhikari

Nepal is a country full of tourism potential. We are the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources and heritage. However, the development of Nepal’s tourism sector has not been as much as it should be.

Meanwhile, Hotel Sansar is a platform launched in 2077 BS with the objective of digitizing the tourism sector . Hotel Sansar is an OTA (online travel agent) platform.

Uddhav Adhikari, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Hotel Sansar, says that the idea of ​​Hotel Sansar came to him after seeing that the system that can be made in Nepal has been brought and used from abroad. Adhikari has spent almost two decades in the field of information technology.

During this period he has worked on various projects in the country and abroad. At that time, he came up with the idea of ​​hotel world after seeing that many projects that could be developed in Nepal were brought from abroad and used. According to the official, this will stop the flight of Nepali capital to some extent.

‘Nepal’s hotels were using foreign software. Should I contact you by email in case of any problem. There was no other access, ‘he told ICT News.

Hotel bookings can now be made through the Hotel World website and mobile app. It also includes hotel ratings and customer feedback. The official said that Hotel Sansar was built entirely in Nepal and was the first OTA platform in Nepal.

When booking a hotel from Hotel Sansar, you can pay by ATM card, wallet, Visa and MasterCard. You can also reach out online to add your hotel to the hotel world.

They also have their own agents in the main cities of the country. Hotels can also be connected through agents. If you reach out online, the hotel world agent will come to you and join the hotel world after completing the legal process. The company has also arranged a separate app for the hotel.

At present, more than 1,000 hotels in the country’s major cities have joined the hotel world, said the CEO. It mainly includes tourist standard hotels.

Hotel Sansar is not yet officially public. The company plans to launch it officially soon.

More than 5,000 apps have been downloaded so far. The app is available on Android and iOS . 25-30 hotels are being booked daily. He says that the company will take 10 percent commission from the hotel for booking the hotel.

There are 6 founders in the hotel world. So far, they have invested more than 30 million rupees in the hotel world. At present, 25 people are employed in the company. He said that their plan is to work in the tourism ecosystem of Nepal.

“Even though the name is Hotel Sansar, we are trying to work in the tourism ecosystem,” he says. “After Hotel Sansar, we are bringing in a channel manager. We are working on that now. ‘

The company also plans to cooperate with the government so that government work related to the tourism sector can be done from the hotel world.

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