Paying by card is automatically reduced


While various means of digital payment are coming in the country, the number of people paying for shopping using cards has decreased.

In the June month of the last financial year, the payment amount for buying goods using the card was 296 million rupees. While in the first month of the last financial year, the amount of shopping using the card was 1 billion 20 million 10 million rupees.

The number of tangents also decreased from 168 thousand in the first month of last year to 52 thousand in the last month.

In this way, the amount of goods purchased using cards has decreased by 75 percent within a year. The payment amount from the card fluctuates every month of the last year.

1 billion was paid in July, but it fell to 56 million in August. In the following months, it further decreased and in February it exceeded 1. Then it decreased by itself to 161.1 million.

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