Paying Nepal Life Insurance premium from pocket will get cashback up to 1500 rupees


While paying the premium of Nepal Life Insurance Company out of pocket, the customers have to pay Rs. Attractive cashback up to 1500 will be available.

In order to participate in this offer, which will start from 7th of August and will be valid for a limited period, insured customers of Nepal Life Insurance must have their pocket KYC verified.

New customers who do not have a Khalti account can also participate in the offer after downloading the Khalti app and verifying their Khalti KYC.

Pawl Kharel, manager of Khalti Digital Wallet, said that the offer was implemented to save time and money for customers by digitizing every payment process in the Nepali market.

How to pay the premium?

Login to the Pocket app and tap on the ‘Insurance’ icon
Select ‘Nepal Life Insurance’
Now enter all the details and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’
Finally select ‘Payment’ option to make payment

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