Personal chat feature launched in Microsoft Teams, video calling can be done easily


Windows 11 has launched a personal chat feature in Microsoft Teams that allows you to keep track of personal and office chats separately.

One of the many features in Windows 11 that was made public on October 5 is the personal chat added to MicrosoftTims.

Since the Corona epidemic, most people work from home, so it is understood that Microsoft has updated and sent such feature teams to avoid office and personal chats.

Windows 11 customers will be able to chat on Microsoft Teams and make video calls easily. The chat will be pinned to the taskbar at the startup of Windows 11.

There are two types of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11. These two teams are used for personal and office work. Teams labeled Work or School are on a blue tile with the letter T written in white. If you want to chat through this, the link to download Microsoft Teams for school or work opens.

This feature can be used to keep personal and office chats separate by downloading from there.

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