PhonePay Enters 4th Year: More than 5 Billion Daily Transactions, 17 Million More Users


PhonePay, Nepal’s leading payment system operator, has entered its fourth year. According to the plan to make Nepal cashless, PhonePay was established 3 years ago with the slogan ‘Let’s stop cash, let’s do PhonePay’.

Currently, more than 5 billion transactions have started to be done through PhonePay alone. Along with this new record made by PhonePe in the banking sector, it is also a great achievement in the field of digital payments.

PhonePay Payment Service Limited is a subsidiary company of Fwan Soft Group, which is licensed as a payment system operator by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Currently, 63 banks and financial institutions, 950,000 merchants have joined PhonePay, and more than 170,000,000 are using it.

PhonePe is a world-renowned data security standard ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’ PCI DSS Bhithrituwan certified organization.

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