Phonepay’s new scheme targeting Dashain, chance to win 1 lakh every day on transactions


PhonePay Payment Service Limited, the leading payment system operator in Nepal, has launched a plan to make life easier at Chadwad, leave cash and do PhonePay, targeting the great festival of Nepali people.

Under this scheme, every day one of the customers who make QR through PhonePay, transact money through PhonePay Direct and pay online can win Rs.1 lakh in cash daily.

This plan will be applicable for customers from October 4th to October 14th. Likewise, merchants who take payment through QR can also win an attractive Samsung mobile phone every day. This plan for merchants will be applicable for 40 days from October 4th to October 12th.

In order to participate in Phonepay’s one lakh winning plan, the customer has to go to the Phonepay offer app and accept the challenge. Some other conditions will also apply in this scheme.

Similarly, PhonePay has also provided discount and cashback facilities in cooperation with various banks with the aim of making shopping easy and convenient during Dashain.

When making a QR payment through PhonePay, Sunrise Bank customers will get a chance to visit Gosaikund by helicopter every day when they make a QR payment through PhonePay from October 1st to 15th.

Similarly, customers of Kumari Bank will get a discount of thirty percent i.e. up to Rs. Similarly, the customers of Sanima Bank will get 10 percent discount i.e. up to Rs.

Similarly, customers of Garima Bikas Bank, NCC Bank, NIC Asia Bank will get 10 percent discount i.e. up to Rs.

Similarly, customers of Rashtriya Commercial Bank from 7th October to 17th, customers of Everest Bank from 10th to 14th October, customers of Mega Bank from 7th to 13th October, customers of Kamana Seva Bikas Bank from 9th to 13th October will get 10% discount or Rs. Can be done.

IME Pay customers can get 10% cashback i.e. up to Rs. Similarly, the customers of Machhapuchhrer Bank will get up to 22% cashback when doing QR from 9th October to 20th October.

Payment can be made easily through QR from any bank and financial institution connected to the PhonePay network and mobile apps of various payment service providers.

In the same way, money can be sent to the bank account of any bank by keeping the mobile number through PhonePay Direct, and various types of services can be paid for.

60 banks and financial institutions and payment system operators are affiliated to the PhonePay network. Similarly, there are about 1 million merchants on PhonePay so far.

Phonepay has been serving more than 15 million mobile banking users and payment system service providers through mobile apps.

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