Phonepay’s ‘Refer and Earn’ offer, up to 1 lakh to win


Phone Pay Payment Service Limited has introduced ‘Refer and Earn’ offer. In which you can win up to 2500 reward points by referring using the ‘Unique Referral Code’ in the ‘Phone Pay Offer App’.

Also, those who refer the most daily can get one thousand rupees. In this scheme, till 31st of Ashadh 2078, the person who refers the most can get Rs. 10,000.

In the bumper gift of this scheme, from those who refer more than three people, they can win Rs 1 lakh through Gola system. To refer from the offer app, you have to download ‘Phonepay offer app’. One person who downloads this app and logs in can win an iPhone 12.

You can win 1000 rupees daily and 2000 rupees weekly by accepting the challenge and making various payments through the PhonePay Offer app.

You can get information about the offers and discounts given by various businesses and merchants in the PhonePay Offer app. Various goods can also be purchased from the reward points obtained while paying on the PhonePay Offer app.

PhonePay Payment Service Limited is a leading and reputed payment system operator of Nepal licensed by Nepal Rashtrabank. Phonepay network has 60 banks and financial institutions and there are more than 350,000 merchants.

It has been providing services to more than 13 million mobile banking users and more than 45 million payment service providers through mobile apps.

Phonepay is an organization that has received the PCI DSS Vithrutuvan certification to the world-renowned data security standard ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’.

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