Pocket Celebrates Fifth Anniversary, CEO Says: Let’s make Pocket even simpler and more useful


Nepal’s online payment service provider Khalti, which started its journey in 2017, celebrated its 5th anniversary today.

Khalti, which is advancing with the goal of digitizing the daily payments of every Nepali household, has been making the lives of millions of people easier every day.

Five years is a long time for any startup. In that time, Khalti has proven itself as a successful startup. According to the company, the pocket team is full of young people.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer, Binay Khadka said that the goal is to make Khalti even simpler and more useful.

“In the coming days, with the aim of encouraging every age group to use Khalti, our goal is to come up with more service features in order to make ‘Khalti’ even simpler and more useful,” he said. I would like to congratulate and thank you very much.’

Likewise, Amit Agarwal, the founder of Khalti, said that he is trying to bring services according to the problems and needs of every user.

Another founder of Khalti, Manish Modi, thanked everyone who supported Khalti, which started with the dream of digital Nepal and the vision of reaching all Nepalis, to reach this point today.

Similarly, the founder Arvind Sah said that within the sixth year, he will reach 5 million Nepalis as a service provider. Likewise, the founder Dhrub Adhikari said that the responsibility of Khalti, which has been continuously striving to provide accurate assurance of simple, easy and safe payment for half a decade, has increased further in the days to come.

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