Problems with biometric data, personal information of millions of app users could be stolen


Millions of users’ personal information could be stolen after problems were found in biometric data.

On December 19, security researcher Mikkel Tuck discovered the Front End Application Programming Interface ( API ), one of the most widely used apps worldwide.

This puts biometric data at risk. Onfido, an app that uses an ID verification service, has leaked biometric data due to security concerns, from which personal information provided by clients can be downloaded.

Big businesses like the trading app FX Pro Direct have been hit hard by this breach. There are 5 million downloads of this app in the Google Play Store. The security problem has also affected the UK-based savings app chip, which has over 400,000 downloads.

Users of the cryptocurrency app called Mode are also affected by this problem. This breach has affected not only Android users but also iOS users, but since iOS does not release download data, it is not known how many users have been affected.

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