Quick Daily Tips To work together for the development of IT sector

Quick Daily Tips To work together for the development of IT sector

If you are an information technology lover and want to work for Technology, I believe this article will be relevant. For the last 14 years, I have been working in the business, social and educational fields with IT as my main base. I have been working through various forums and communities on issues like Equal Participation in ICT, Digital Consumer Rights, Industry Academy Collaboration, IT Governance, Girls in ICT, ICT in Skill and Education, Cyber ​​Protection etc. In this work I received a lot of support from the community, which still inspires me to think in a planned way. 

I got a lot of support from the community while doing that. For which I would like to say a heartfelt thank you. I have been equally active in international missions since 2011/12. At the same time, the UK government is providing opportunities for IT leadership and skills development. I am also playing an active role in DigitAll, United Network and other organizations affiliated with Nepal. Here, too, I have been equally supportive, for which I thank my UK friends and the UK Government. 

Based on the international experience from Doti, Humla to Mahendranagar, Biratnagar, Ilam and from USA, Australia to Europe (UK) I would like to say that there is a lot of work to be done in Nepal. There are things that cannot be done by 2020, not by 2020. If there is anything to be done in Nepal, I think it is necessary to give up rhetoric and do technical work. Gradually, my IT issues are presented in point form, for which I will work day and night in Nepal till 2030: 

  • IT Academia Industry Tie Up
  • International Payment Gateway Integration
  • IT Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Digital Mapping
  • Software Development and Quality Control
  • Web and E-commerce
  • Integration of Geo spatial system, Network, Database, Software for Smarter City
  • Collaboration with Regional, National Government and International Leading forums
  • Cyber Security
  • P2P & IoT Compliances, Legal issues, Data Migration
  • IPV6 Implementation
  • DNS over HTTPS
  • Safe Routing and Threat Monitoring/Control
  • Cloud Selection as per agency, implementation, maintenance and security
  • Digital Divide -on the top of everyone BIG CHALLENGE FOR NEPAL
  • Transparent Digital Government

To do all this, we need skilled manpower. Therefore, education, use of industry, proper policy and its implementation are important aspects of manpower development. If we as Nepalis (in the country / abroad) use ICT as a tool together by 2030, then the Sustainable Development Goals , rural development, entrepreneurship and the scientific age can be started.

All you have to do now is join us. Therefore, combined effort is very important. Government, educational institutions, industry, skilled manpower, international and national planning and collaboration / strategy are the right indicators. If only two of the 16 schemes mentioned above are implemented properly, the country can make a leap forward in the scientific age and IT. That is why we have to work together, not break up.

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